product development (the other way)

How big firms develop products nowadays


2.PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: multifunctional, integrated, user-friendly and
non-expensive „solution“ compatible with future system
architecture concepts aimed at avoiding the effect of
extensive humidity and other environmental
influences to human heads and other body parts.

3.MARKETING SPECIFICATION: Get hold of it ! Now !

Pre-Version:      Type: Hazelnut-stick
(because of strict confidentiality, the shape of the
product can only be guessed at).

Beta-Version:     Plastic tarp sized 5 square meters including 320 pages
of technical documentation.

Golden Version:   5-color pamphlet, sunny weather report and about
4-15 months postponement of GA (general availability).

Release 1.0:      Frame without covering; the mechanism is working
reasonably, it unfolds effortlessly, but there are
problems with folding it again.
The handle is offered as a separate feature with its own
order number.

Release 1.1:      Frame without covering, fully integrated handle, mechanism
is working problem-free. Development is praising
the well thought-out design, marketing stresses
the products‘ universial usability.
The weight of 18.9kg is to be addressed in one of the
next releases. The opening mechanism takes about
12.5 minutes at the moment, but is caused by the
hypermodern microscalar hydraulics being used for
the first time in a worldwide product of this type.
They announce plans for further performance improvements.

Release 2.0:      Milestone in development: the product is delivered
with full (!) covering.
The customers criticize only one item: They should
use watertight materials for the covering.

Release 2.1:      The covering is now watertight, but the opening mechanism
doesn’t work anymore.
Marketing tries to place the product as a sun-shade;
development thinks about functional extensions such as
a suitable leather bag.
As a second variant, the firm considers the involvement of a
new Business Partner.
The Business Partner cannot deliver a product, but he
promises a rain-dance to avoid tropical rains.

Release 2.2:      Suitable leather bag is being developed.
Marketing praises the architectural concept of a
non-opening umbrella with a suitable bag (an open
umbrella wouldn’t fit into the bag anyway, right ?).

Release 3.0:      Upgrade to a fully functional model with watertight
covering – free of charge !
For this, the firm unfortunately had to change the dimension
of the leather bag, so the customers have to buy
a new version which is twice as expensive as before.

Release X.X:      Development defends itself against repeated attacks
by stating that the product passed various test cycles
and that no involved tester could find any functional

Final:            Product development is transfered from a lab
in Saudi Arabia to a lab near London.